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Jimmy's Deer stands started as simply as the first blind that Jimmy banged together for a family member. That was nearly fifteen years ago and in 2015 Jimmy's granddaughter, Paige, got an idea. She started marketing the blinds in more locations throughout NC and things took off from there. Since then and hundreds of blinds later scattered throughout ten states, Jimmy's Deer Stands LLC was born. Keeping our promise to build a blind the way you want it, we strive to build the best deer stands for the best price, guaranteed!

Meet Jimmy 

Jimmy started driving nails when he was just sixteen years old. Since then, he has honed his skills as a carpenter by building a multitude of houses, cabinets, etc. He is truly gifted and could build anything with his great wit and talent. Finding a true passion in building deer stands, he hasn't let up since. Even now at the age of 84 years old, he builds every single deer stand with his granddaughter, Paige. 

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Meet Paige

Paige was taught the art of carpentry by her grandfather, Jimmy. Since 2015, she has helped him manage and market their growing business, and started actually building the stands soon after under the careful guidance of her mentor, Jimmy. Working together as a team, they strive to grow their business and continue to build deer stands that their clients love. Paige is also a contemporary singer, visual artist, writer and ballroom dancer!!! You can find a collection of her YouTube videos at the link below...