Mobile Blinds

Here at Jimmy's Deer Stands we believe that your deer stand should give you the most bang for your buck. That includes even going beyond the idea of just a stationary blind. We offer the option of giving your deer stand the freedom of mobility! Skids give you this freedom which we offer as an addition to any one of our hand built, customizable blinds. However, we don't just offer skids anymore. We now provide the unique service of mounting your deer stand on a trailer (you must provide-we do not furnish or sell trailers). With this setup, you can literally pull your deer stand anywhere. You can choose to have it mounted directly on the trailer floor, or we can elevate it to a certain height with an attached ladder, we can even attach the tower to skids incase you ever want to take it off the trailer and pull it around. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. Bring your vision to us and see what happens!!! 

5'x5' Mobile Tower Blind.jpg
5'x5' Mobile Tower Blind 2.jpg
5'x5' Mobile Tower Blind 3.jpg
Mobile Tower Blind 3' Elevated Skids.jpg