Gun Props

Swing out design that allows you to prop your rifle or crossbow on the window for quiet and efficient shooting!!!

The "Jimmy John"

Imagine it! You're out hunting in your deer stand waiting for the "Big One" when that morning's gravy biscuit suddenly turns sour! You're hit with massive stomach cramps and you know the worst is yet to come. Here you are 10 feet up in the air surrounded by deer you don't want to scare off. Not to mention you don't have time to shimmy down that ladder and hold it all in. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! You begin to panic! Heart racing, sweat beading down your nose when you happen to glance over to your left and there sits your saving grace....the "Jimmy John"!!! Phew! You don't have to worry anymore! Diarrhea has lost the battle and you feel like a king perched upon his throne while hardly making a sound. With "THREE" layers of odor protection even you want smell your stink. You get back to the hunt and the "Big One" has finally arrived! Thanks to your "Jimmy John" you never missed a beat! (A new product of Jimmy's Deer Stands featuring a portable, space-efficient design that also doubles as a seat or shelf. Includes cool camo design by Mossy Oak, standard size toilet seat, almost 2 gallon chamber, storage space underneath. A must have for all hunters at a price of only $75! Wow! Even Bucky can't resist at that price! Also ideal for camping, road-trips, potty training the little hunters in your life (kids love it by the way!), just have fun with it! Call to get yours today!!!!)

Our Products 


Gray interior/exterior carpet that can be put on all interior surfaces (except ceiling), or just floor. 

Swing-up Windows 
For the hunter who wants their windows hanging up and completely out of the way
Handle Bars 
To help you stay safe when entering and exiting your deer stand on legs
    Metal Plates
Attach these metal plates to the top of legs platform and base of deer stand for added reinforcement during setup! Sold in sets of (4) *Included with legs purchase.
The "Jimmy Stepper" Ladder

Already have a stand and just need a ladder? Well our "Jimmy Stepper" is the perfect solution for you at an affordable price. We build solid, easy-to-climb ladders that are compatible with 4', 6', 8' and 10' legs/ platforms. 

The Handy Handrail

Want to make climbing that Jimmy Stepper Ladder even easier and safer? Well just ask for a "Handy Handrail" and you'll be hunting with confidence knowing that you have the aid of a railing to help you along! A very, very affordable extra!

Picture By Bill McDavid, SC

Window Guards

Adds more protection from the elements to your deer stand! (Now included on all of our stands at no extra charge!)

The Steady Sack

Want to improve your aim? Then try one of our steady sacks and see just how steady your mark will become! The Steady Sacks are $12 each and are highly recommended with the purchase of gun props!

The Handy Shelf

Want to make your hunting experience even more convenient? Then ask about our newest product "the Handy Shelf." A perfect place to sit your binoculars, phone or whatever really to be out of the way under your window or above your window. Also features two cup holders to hold that coffee thermos! Can swing down for use or swing-up and latched for non-use conserving as much room as possible in your Jimmy's deer stand. Can be added anywhere you want in your blind for an extra charge. As many as you want. Ask about it today!!!

Down in Use

Up/ Latched Not in Use